25 May 2012

Uncommon Commentary #268: Don’t Be Afridi Cat; to Rescue Shakil Would Be a Slam-Dunk

(I admit that I may be going too far, using two puns in a single title.)
US non-military foreign aid ought to be abolished, and Pakistan's imprisonment of Dr. Shakil—which would be a correct way for "Shaquille" O’Neal to spell his first name—Afridi, who helped us find Usama bin Laden, provides us with a clear opportunity to sever our assistance to that country in particular.  I do not, however, agree with those who want this termination to include our millions of dollars in "counterinsurgency aid"; after all, it's in our own interest as well as theirs for the Pakistani government to continue to fight militants.  What we ought to do is threaten to put an end to that funding, as leverage to persuade the Pakistani administration to release the man into our custody.  To simply cut off Pakistan without a cent might satisfy the urge felt by many to "punish" that state, but would do nothing to free Afridi.